My Story

Late 2015, I completely changed my life trajectory to one with inner purpose and outward intention.

I left my near-six figure salary and solid corporate job in San Francisco to pursue my dream of traveling to the world and writing about it.

When I started my blog, I had no idea it would turn into a business.  I began as a simple girl sharing stories- mine and other women around the world.  About two months in, I analyzed my web stats and saw that over 100 countries reading my material.  “Who are these people and what do they want with my story?” I’d ask myself repeatedly.  So, I got to know my audience, just as they were getting to know me with every post.

I turned my website into a business, while simply sharing what I’m passionate about.

In learning the blogging world, I became obsessed with Digital Media and how to leverage my new knowledge.  I became a Social Media Consultant to clients around the world and helped them increase their online presence within weeks.  (Is there anything better than a happy client?  I don’t think so!)

The Digital Media world welcomed me with open arms and I found my place in it.  I partnered my new love with my already-strong knowledge of sales and marketing and established my own LLC.

Now, consulting enables me to help brands establish themselves and get their name out there to sell their product or service.

The nature of sales and marketing in today’s world are unlike anything we’ve seen in the last decade, and things will only continue to change rapidly.  Let me help you “ride the wave” to success.  


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